Get more done with your team.

Fini is a simple task management app that helps you keep track of progress, stay in sync, and get things done with your team.

Create tasks with a click

Easily track what needs to be done by creating new tasks with a click.

Assign tasks to your team

Delegate tasks at hand by assigning them to selected users, and get notified of their progress.

Comment & Collaborate

Collaborate with team members by writing comments in the task conversation thread, and keep things moving forward.

Keep track of progress

Stay on top of project progress with a dedicated view of what's done, what's left to do and who's doing what.

Manage multiple projects

Create separate projects to track and switch between them with a click.

Get notified

Get status notifications for tasks you follow or are active in and never miss a beat.

Less is more

Fini was designed to get out of your way and be as simple to use as possible, so you need focus on nothing but moving forward.

Blazing Fast

How can you be productive when you're waiting on your app to load? We made sure to make Fini blazing fast so the only thing holding you back is how much you can do.

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